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Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Simple Ways To Fit It Into A Tight Budget

Bathroom decorating ideas do not have to be expensive and extravagant. With a little bit of creativity, some rational thought, and time spent on research online, you can implement some exciting bathroom decorating ideas into your bathroom remodeling without breaking the bank.

This means even if you’re doing a major remodeling of the home, and want a perfect new kitchen or need to re-roof the building, you’ll still be able to tastefully decorate your bathroom and fit it into a realistic budget.

You Don’t Need Hardwood Flooring

Yes, hardwood flooring can be very attractive and desirable – but it is also very costly. You can achieve a comparable result by way of appearance without incurring the heavy costs by choosing laminate wood flooring. Laminate floors are easier to install. These flooring materials come as pre-finished sheets that can be glued down or lined over foam on the sub-floor. They even come in adhesive backed form that is easy and fast to install. The durability of this type of flooring is lesser than hardwood, but the payoff is worthwhile, especially for remodeling buildings rather than constructing new ones.

Refinish and Remodel Existing Installations

So your bathroom has cabinets that look jaded and worn, but are in good condition otherwise. Bathroom decorating ideas don’t necessarily have to involve ripping them out and replacing them anew. Instead, you can refinish them and get a good result. Changing the hardware can be much less expensive.

The same goes for appliances and fittings that you no longer like or desire to change, but are holding back thinking of the cost. Refinishing them is a more economical option, which can deliver a similar impact by giving the bathroom a cohesive and uniform look.

Select Colors Intelligently

When choosing your fittings, cabinets and appliances, or even the bathroom vanities, countertops and other items, be smart and pick neutral colors. While bold and striking colors can look attractive when they are new, it can become a pain when it comes time for a remodel job and you find that the color clashes with other modifications in your plan or won’t match the other bathroom decorating ideas you have.

Pick Laminate Countertops

Like laminate flooring, countertops made up of laminate material can be less costly, while being available in a range of styles that mimic the appearance of the rest of your room or can deliver a look and feel that you desire. You can add a touch of class by simple tweaks like edging the surface decoratively.

Less Expensive Enclosures for Bathtubs

Ceramic tile enclosures for bathtubs can make a serious dent in your wallet. But you don’t need expensive stuff. How about using a fiberglass unit, or a 3-piece fiberglass wall panel to achieve the same effect? Not only does the material cost less, it is easier to install and you save on labor as well.

Prehung Doors Cost Less

Another bathroom decorating idea is to order doors that are already hinged into the door frame. You pick up a unit from the store and just slap it into the doorway. You save on time and effort installing it. This is another cost saving idea.

Hollow Core Doors Are Also Cheaper

Solid wood doors are costly. But you can save on your budget by ordering hollow-core doors. These aren’t suitable as exterior doors because they are flimsy and easily broken. But they can be ideal for bathroom doors and other interior use.

These seven simple bathroom decorating ideas may not all be useful for your specific needs. But even if only a few can be implemented in your next bathroom remodeling project, you will enjoy a significant cost saving, not to mention getting an elegant and stylish end result at less hassle and without any frustration.

Bathroom decorating ideas don’t have to involve spending more money – as long as you compensate by investing more of your natural creativity!

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