What Factors Impact The Cost To Replace A Roof?

How much do you think it will cost to replace a roof? This question, with various nuances and twists, has been asked so many times that this report was created as a definitive answer to help others like you who face the dilemma of trying to budget for roof replacement – and want to know how much they should expect to pay to replace a roof.

Sometimes home owners are forced to replace a roof because they got scammed. For instance, a home flipper may fob off a building on you after just slapping on a new row of shingles over an older worn out roof. When you take possession of the new home and go through everything carefully, you may discover that the roof needs to be replaced and get a quote from a roofing contractor.

So what does it cost to replace a roof? Do typical costs run into tens of thousands of dollars? Or can it be done in a more cost effective manner?

Cost To Replace a Roof – A Ballpark Figure

If you begin with a working estimate of $250 per square, you’ll not be far off the correct figure. This estimate should include the cost of roofing material and labor, with additional charges being applicable for complex work such as roofing around chimneys, skylights, working on steep roofs and special tasks that may be unique to your building.

The cost to replace a roof will depend upon the size of your building and the area of the roof to be replaced. What material was used before, and what kind of roof you are looking to install now are other factors. Special issues such as a very steep pitch, bad climatic conditions, the need to remove or fix rotten wood frames of the older roof, and disposal of environment-unfriendly previous material will all escalate the cost to replace a roof.

Should the Cost to Replace a Roof Intimidate You?

The short and simple answer – absolutely not! Look, there are some home improvements and modifications that are optional and can be put off to whenever it is convenient and affordable. Replacing one’s roof does sit under this umbrella category. But if you put it off for too long, not only will the problem become more severe, you may face several other related damages to your home which could end up costing more by way of money and trouble than if you acted promptly to replace your roof.

Unless you first make sure your roof is secure and non-leaky, any other improvement jobs you do inside the home will be to waste. The most excellent interior decorating job or an attractive paint job will be ruined when your roof leaks. So replace your roof first before engaging upon other interior work.

Does the Cost to Replace a Roof Decrease in Summer?

Not really, especially if you can find a good roofing contractor to handle your project. Indeed, in certain climates, it can be practically impossible to find ideal weather conditions in which to have your roof replaced. That’s why whatever you pay for roofing contractors is money well spent. They will be able to handle your roofing job regardless of weather conditions, and not many will charge you more for working in bad weather.

It is however important to ensure that some areas are dry and will have time for the roofing cement to set before further work can progress. So if the circumstances are very bad, then artificial protection for the working area may be necessary for a portion of the time, which can add to the cost to replace a roof.

The Roof Replacement Process

A modest roof replacement job can be done in just 3 or 4 days. The step by step sequence is similar for most buildings. The first step is to remove existing roofing, including roof shingles. These must then be safely disposed. Any repairs that are necessary on the roof are then carried out. Ice dam protection may be needed in some locations.

The next step is to lay asphalt paper on the roofing area, and then the shingles are fixed in a sequence that is well described and followed by most roofing professionals. The projections and outcroppings on any roof are handled specifically, taking care to ensure no leaks are left. Flashing is applied around chimneys, vents and dormers. Ridge vents are finally placed and the roofing job is finished.

The cost to replace a roof depends upon all these factors and the degree of damage that exists at present. By working with a skilled professional and taking care to act promptly before the damage is too severe, it is possible to replace a roof in a cost effective and efficient manner.


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