Torch Down Roofing Prices – An Overview On All Things Torchdown And The Costs

Torch down roofing prices are slightly more than normal asphalt roofing costs. But, what is torch down asphalt roofing? This roof is also known as rubberized asphalt and is used on flat roofs. In this roofing process the asphalt is melted and applied to the roofing using a torch which creates a roof that does not allow moisture to penetrate the roof. This type of roofs is lasts from one to two decades.

This roof is more suitable for flat surfaces as water tends to collect on them and cause pooling of water. An impermeable roof prevents water from seeping through. The torch down roofing prices are a little more than what you would pay for tar and gravel roofing generally seen on flat roofs. Torch down roofing offers better protection than tar and gravel. You might pay around $1000 dollars more for this type of roof but it overall protection against elements is so much better and hence the extra cost is worth it.

Tar roofing has one major problem during installation process. It lets out fumes while the tar is being melted and these are noxious and smell is not at all liked by people in close proximity. Many homeowners have to move out of their homes during the roof installation. On the other hand torch down roofing prices in addition to be slightly more expensive have one serious drawback  that is fire hazard during the installation process. Care must be taken to prevent any such problems from occurring.

In torch down roofing a modified form of bitumen is often combined with different resins of high quality to create a mix that prevents moisture from seeping through the roof. This UV-resistant roof does not melt like tar. There is lesser chance of small puddles getting created by the melted tar. This roof is tough roof as the combination of asphalt and resins make it practically impervious to punching of holes or other damage due to some sharp objects dragging on the surface. This strong roof has a long life-span of 20 years or more and the best part of it is that during this time you can expect a trouble free life with not much maintenance or repair work needed. Torch down roofing prices may be higher but the low maintenance and low repair cost will more than compensate for it over its life-time.

Another way to strengthen the already strong roof is to wait for two months after laying the torch down roofing and then applying a second coating. The extra protection it offers against heat and sun’s rays are one one benefit, another is that the roof becomes fire-resistant. Torch down roofing prices are not a factor at all if you consider all the above advantages. In fact this bitumen and resin mix as many other uses on basements floors, garage floors and on foundations. Wherever there is need for flexible but tough layer of covering then this type of roofing or flooring can be applied.

When it comes to torch down roofing prices remember that the contractor holds the key here. The cost of the project will depend on his rates and the cost of the materials used in the roofing. The cost of this roof is only slightly more than usual asphalt roof. Also, it is much tougher and hence preferable to the normal asphalt roofs.


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