Shingle Roof Repairs – Fixing Common Roof Shingle Problems

You might have heard or read about the old joke about curing a sick and old horse – shoot it, if you ask a roofing contractor about shingle roof repairs for most common problems – he might reply – new roof. Yes, it is true, old asphalt shingle roofs that have outlived their life-time will need replacement, but most roofs are not like that. They can be repaired and fixed.

Most homeowners looking at the high costs of shingle roof repairs will want to do the job themselves. But, not all roofing jobs can be handled by non-professionals, so it is better to call for the roofing contractor for the following jobs:

1. When the pitch of the roof is very high
2. If the roof is high above from the ground – 24 feet or more
3. You are on medication or have health problems that forbid you from working heights or in dangerous situations
4. You are afraid of heights
5. You have never handled DIY project

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