Roof Repair Costs – What Will The Cost Be?

High roof repair costs can be cause for concern for homeowners. Unless you are going for complete roof replacement, most roof repair jobs are done by installing new shingles over existing ones. But, again the maximum number of times you can do re-roofing is over two layers of roofing shingles. Beyond that you are supposed to go for complete removal of all three layers and laying of new shingles. Apart from this you need to replace the plywood, sheathing and shields. Using roofing cement you also re-seal all the seams. This is called patch work.

Other parts of roof repair costs include replacing flashing which seals off any gaps around the skylights, chimneys and other vents, the job of guttering, installing ridge vents and so on. Most homes have roof area of around 100 square feet. Homeowners attempt to repair roof using roofing cement. This isn’t a very cost-effective approach as the repair tends to patchy at most.

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