Replacing Roof Shingles – A How-To Guide

Replacing roof shingles is one of the inevitable tasks that you just have to put up with every now and then. Roof shingles of all types are bound to get damaged over time and also require immediate replacements. If your home is just a few years old, then replacing is not difficult and can be done by the home owner himself.

But replacing damaged shingles of an older house is tricky and often needs professional help. Damaged local rubber products and shingles needs to be replaced immediately because neglecting it can cause further damage to your roof and your house. Depending on the amount of damage decide whether the roof can be fixed by yourself or if you need to hire some help.

The first step is to estimate the number of damaged shingles. Perform a complete survey of the roof and check what items should be replaced. After getting your estimates purchase the new shingles. Replacing roof shingles is easier and be done with tools like roof ladders, hammers, cement, etc. If the job is too difficult better hire a professional since you can end up making the roof worse than it was before. Start off by installing starter strips; these strips basically prevent water from entering the home through the gaps. It will act as a backup till you complete the repair.

Find the damaged shingles, remove the nails that are attached to it. Install the new ones in the place of the damaged ones. While installing them, remember to remove all the dirt and debris that you find. This is important since the shingles may not attach properly if these are not removed. Shingles that are cracked or torn due to long usage need to be replaced. They can be easily repaired by applying a roof sealant at both the top and bottom of the cracked shingle.

There are many safety procedures involved if you are replacing roof shingles yourself. Firstly the alignment of the ladder is very important. If the alignment of the ladder is right, then the replacement can be done easily. If the ladder is not placed correctly then the work can become very difficult and trying harder, you might risk falling down. Ladders must come with a safety rope, this will protect you in case you slip or fall down the roof. Working at a roof level is dangerous and often unpredictable. Wearing the right gear is also equally important to avoid any mishaps. Shoes must come with gripped soles; clothes must be suitable for heavy duty work.

Replacing roof shingles is task that can be done by yourself on a weekend, or you can use a specialist. By doing it yourself you avoid spending money on hiring a crew who will charge you per square foot. Replacing damaged shingles is important for any home; doing this will enhance the overall appearance. This also protects your home from any kind of leakages. Remember to finish the task immediately because delaying the work may cause further damage to your roof. If your building is about a decade old, then almost all its shingles are bound to be damaged. Hiring a roofing contractor would be the best option in such cases.


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