New Roof Estimate – Assessing The Cost Of Getting A New Roof

A roof is the uppermost covering part of a building. A well crafted roof that is not leaking and not easily prone to damages can thwart extra repairs to other parts of your house, hence maintaining the value of the house. The new roof estimate depends on some other factors that need to be put into consideration before installation.

Before installing a new roof, you must find out the intensity of damage to the existing roof as this aids in the new roof estimate. The cost of removing the old roof must be considered in the cost of the new roof. The estimation is done by working out the cost for each square foot of material. In order to obtain the amount of squares required the roof is measured to attain the total area ,then total area is divided by the total area of the individual material to be used in foot. For example, if you decide to use shingles which uses a hundred square feet, you will divide the total area of the roof by one hundred.

The new roof estimate also relies on the type of material to be used for the new roof. This is because different materials cost differently. For instance a metallic roof will cost different from a roof made of wood. Materials that are deemed to be fancier cost more.

The cost for hiring a professional is a must include in the new roof estimate. This is vital since the roof construction must be inspected by a roofing contractor who must have a license from the local council or an association of homeowners. The cost of obtaining a license should be an addition to the total cost of the new roof.

The new roof estimate should be able to put in consideration the fire rating ability of the new roof. A good roof should have a very high fire rating as this affects its resistant to fire. The best class that is belonging to A will be more resistant to fire than that roof rated to a poor class likely belonging to C. For example, a metallic roofing will be a poor fire protector because it transmit heat direct to the wood beneath thus set fire to the building. Therefore you may require to insure you roof hence this should be accounted for in the overall cost of the new roof.

Additional cost leads to a higher estimate on the cost of the new roof. This may include the cost of repairing other parts such as the frame of the building which may get damaged or mar need reinforcement in order to hold the new roofing materials which might be heavier than the existing one.

Underlayment affects the new roof estimate in that besides buying the roofing materials ,the materials for underlayment needs to be included. Underlayment is the sheet that is usually put top of the roof deck and beneath the roofing material for water proof purposes. A good underlayment means a long lasting roof .


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