How Much Does Roof Leak Repair Cost?

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense, so damage to it is inevitable.  Damage is caused by wind, precipitation, the sun and other adverse weather events.  Your roof is slowly being degraded by these elements.  Years can pass without any visible signs of harm, but gradually you may develop leaks or other signs of damage.  These need to be addressed, not ignored, or the damage will spread to the interior of your home.

Because of the high costs associated with roof leak repairs and roof replacement, you may choose to hold off as long as possible. First of all though, get it checked out, as you may only need simple repairs to sort it.  To find out how to identify roof damage and how much roof leak repairs cost, continue reading this buying guide.

Roof leak repair cost: Determining whether your roof needs repairs

Just like maintenance on your vehicle to avoid breakdown, the same applies to your house roof.  It is cheaper in the long run to keep it in good condition than it is to wait until you have a major problem.  However it is difficult to see if there are any repairs required, unless water is actually pouring through your ceiling.  In order to make the process a lot less difficult, follow the steps below:

Exterior Inspection: visual inspection of roof – look for missing or damaged (curled, cracked or torn) shingles.  If there is any damage and it is localized (i.e. covers less than 30 per cent of entire roof) repairs will probably solve the problem.  More than 30 per cent damage may require total roof replacement.  Also take into account other areas of potential leakage such as damaged chimney, ventilation pipes and roof flashing, and be sure to inspect as well.

Interior Inspection: a damaged leaking roof can be indicated by brown, yellow or grey stains, or moisture marks as well as peeling of paint on walls and/or ceilings.  Take a look in your attic where roof damage could be indicated by damp rafters or leaks.  A sudden rise in energy costs also makes an inspection of your roof ventilation worthwhile.

Calling in a Professional: when it comes to noticing any roof damage, although you are the first line of defense, you should also be aware of your limitations and call in a professional roofer without hesitation for inspection if required.  Although it may cost a couple of hundred dollars, it could save you thousands of dollars in major roof repairs if left unattended.

Roof Leak Repair Cost: Average costs

Location can be a factor in the cost of your roof repair.  Other factors include the roof type, nature of repair, the contractor themselves, and so on. Basic repairs such as replacement of asphalt or wood shingles, for one square (10 ft x 10 ft) may cost between $250 to $1000. Roof flashing repair may cost – around a skylight or chimney – $250 to $500, around a vent or pipe – $50 to $100 and valley roof flashing costs – $15 to $30 per linear foot.

Finally, the layer of materials between the trusses and joints – the roof decking that holds the roof up, and the waterproof insulated layer of this roofing, when needing replacing may cost $2.50 to $7.50 per square foot.


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