How a Roof Calculator Will Make Your Life Easier?

As a home-owner, a roof calculator will help you while trying to figure out the best way to arrive at a roofing estimate or plan your roof repair. You will be able to quickly and easily determine how much roofing material you need for a specific kind of roof using the roof calculator tool.

Most online roof calculator apps have a simple set of boxes to fill in with details. You will need to measure your roof and have details such as your roof area to plug into the appropriate fields. Since roofs are of different sizes and shapes, this can be a tricky task. You will need to take a series of measurements. If your roof is unusually shaped, try and break it down for measurement into squares, rectangles and triangles, and calculate the area using simple formulae.

Once you type this in and click a button, the script will automatically and instantly let you know how many bundles of shingles you may need to roof it, or how many rolls of roofing are required. If you plan to use roofing felt, then the computation will show how many rolls are necessary.

The size of a roof is presented in “squares”. A square is 100 square feet. Shingles usually come in bundles that will roof one third of a square. This means if you have a roof of 10 squares, you will use approximately 30 bundles of shingles. Roofing felt rolls are available in strips of 3 feet in width and 36 feet in length, and will cover around 1 square.

While only a rough estimate, using a roof calculator will make it easy and fun to figure this out. And it beats the alternative of making a wild guess, or even getting started without a clue and then over-running your budget massively. If you are not still sure about how many tiles or shingles you will need, then contact an expert (or fill in a roof estimate form) and a person more experienced with these things can help you out.

Roof calculators have made things easier for D-I-Y roof repair enthusiasts. But roofing is usually better left in the hands of experts. Apart from knowing how best to handle difficult tasks and working under challenging environments (such as on sloping roofs), they are also able to get sizable discounts on materials and labor. A roof calculator will tell you how much material you will need. But if you calculate regular charges, and then compare them against what a professional can offer you, there will usually be major cost savings to enjoy.


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