Determining The Average Cost To Replace A Roof

To determine the average cost to replace a roof we will present a few numbers for people who want to find these details in a hurry. The cost of replacing a roof depends on the materials used in the roof. Asphalt shingles are cheapest and most affordable costing from $700 to $3500 dollars. Slate can cost from 20,000 dollars to 85,000 dollars. Slate is the most expensive. Metals and tiles fall somewhere in between these two extremes. Wood shakes shingles cost around 20,000 dollars. Tiles also cost from $7500 to $20000 dollars.

Average cost to replace a roof with metal is much higher. Steel roofing costs from around 6000 dollars to 21000 dollars. Aluminum is twice as costly as steel and copper is the most expensive of metal roofs starting from $25000 to $40000. Because the different materials cost range occur in such a wide range of figures obviously the average cost to replace of roof will be very much at variance from asphalt shingles or copper roof cost which lie at the extremes of the cost range.

There is more to Average Cost To Replace A Roof that just the above numbers. Find out more details here.


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