Average Cost Of Roof Replacement

Average cost of roof replacement is a approximate number that tells you how much it would cost to replace a roof. There are so many facts that affect the final pricing that it really is a moot point to discuss these average numbers. But, as a homeowner you need a starting point or a reference point know the approximate cost of a major project you are about to undertake.

If you are considering a complete roof replacement after consulting several contractors then you will the needs are very simple. You need to select a roofing contractor with experience, expertise and credentials to take up your roofing job. There are a lot of steps to roofing than just removing old shingles. You need to make sure the decking, sheathing, plywood sheets, flashing are all done properly so, there are no leaks once the job is done. Chimneys will need to be dealt with, gutters will need fixing, skylights and other vents have to be properly sealed and all these things need to be done with utmost care so, there are absolutely no weak spots or gaps in the roofing and flashing.

Prices vary for different roofing materials. For the sake of this article we will confine ourselves to asphalt shingles and the average cost of roof replacement for this type of roofing. Most homes are around 1800 to 2200 square feet area. Built at two levels the homes have a floor area of around twenty four feet by forty five feet. The roof pitch of most modern homes is around 6/12. This means that the roof will rise 6 feet for every 12 feet length. The roof area will be approximately 1500 square feet.

The above is a typical home and the average cost of roof replacement for such a home will be worked out in the following paragraphs. We will be also discussing the cost of materials and labor prices for this project.

Preparatory Steps – Roofs need at least some amount of preparation before the roof shingles are laid. Most roofs need more than some amount of initial work. There will be broken, damaged, curled and warped shingles that need removal, an inspection of the sheets underneath will reveal any defects in the plywood sheets and underlayment. An assessment of the condition of the plywood, the flashing and seal all needs to be done. The old debris needs to be properly disposed at the proper landfill. The disposal of old shingles needs special council permissions and landfill fee in certain areas. You can let your contractor to handle all these. The average cost of roof replacement quotes from your contractor will include the cost of above steps.

Materials – Now, coming to the cost of materials. The plywood used for roofing usually is priced at $20 dollars per sheet of thickness 5/8″. If you are going to replace all the sheets than for an area of 1500 square feet you will need 40 sheets and your approximate cost will come to around $800 dollars. Shingles are sold in squares. Each square is 100 square feet. Different qualities of shingles are sold with different periods of warranties. There are 20, 30 and 40 year shingles costing on average from 80 dollars to 150 dollars per square. For the above home project you will need around 13 – 15 bundles for a total price of $1500. You will need other supplies like nails, roofing cement, flashing metal and other tools. So, the cost of materials will work out to around $1800 approximately. The average cost of roof replacement will include the material cost.

Labor – Labor is another important component of the average cost of roof replacement. As the roofing industry is quite competitive most roofers charge approximately similar amounts. The cost of labor per square feet as given reputed websites is around $3 dollar per square feet of work to be done. So, the cost of roofing a $1500 square feet roof will cost around $4500. So, you see the labor cost is the maximum in the whole roofing project.

Adding up all the above costs you can arrive at the average cost of roof replacement for the entire project. Any other extra tasks or complexities in the roof will add to cost of the project and will be dealt with individually.


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