New Roof Cost – How Much Does a Roof Cost?

How much does a roof cost? This is a dreaded question that pops into the mind of every home owner when you notice that damp spot near the ceiling, or the few bald spots where the shingles blew off in last night’s windy storm. And the answer depends upon many things.

So how much does a roof cost? First, we’ll have to know some things. Like what type of roofing does your building have? How big is your roof? How old is it? What kind of roof do you intend replacing it with? Will you be ripping off the older roof or laying a new one over it?

All these factors determine how much does a roof cost. For instance, the answer for how much does a metal roof cost will be different from how much does roof shingles cost. A roof that makes a design statement will obviously be more expensive than one which is purely functional. Generally, how much does a roof installation cost will be relatively lesser than if you were to try and make do without it and end up paying a heftier sum for a major overhaul of the entire building.

Typical roofing costs are related to the material you use. How much do shingles cost in your area, for instance? Rates are generally uniform, but can vary in specific parts of the country. Do it yourself roofing materials for a new roof with a gentle slope can run to anywhere between $700 and $4,000 depending upon the quality of your material. Removing an existing roof before laying a new one will also become more expensive.

How much does roof repair cost? This is an important question to also consider because, especially for newer buildings, it may be possible and even better to repair what’s broken rather than do a complete revamp of the entire roof. A good way to arrive at a ballpark figure is to ask someone who has gone through the experience how much did the roof cost.

You could find these people in your neighborhood, or even online on discussion forums. Search for questions like “how much does roof repair cost” or “how much does roof shingles cost” and you’ll find dozens of discussions. Sift through the answers. See which are relevant to your situation. Engage the discussants in conversation and get more specific responses.

Wood shingles or shakes, tile roofing material or metal roofing can vary widely in their respective costs. In addition to material, the cost of re-roofing your home will also depend upon the shape and size of your roof. You may use a homeowner’s guide or various roofing calculators to arrive at a rough estimate. Or you could ask a roofing contractor to provide you with a free quote.

Additional costs such as replacing rotting framework or reinforcing to cope with heavier material used in the new roof will all run into extra costs which could range from $1,000 to $10,000 and higher. Check with your contractor and also insurance company before you take a final call on the roofing materials you’ll use. How much does a roof cost is therefore a difficult and unconventional question to answer with any definiteness and dogma.

The next time someone asks you “How much does a roof cost?”, make sure your answer is conditional and informed rather than a vague figure like $20,000 which can mean little or nothing to that specific individual.