Home Remodeling Design – Ideas To Renovate Your Home

Home remodeling design helps homeowners give a fresh lease of life to their homes. Styles and designs go out of fashion and after a few years or decades of use most homes feel outdated and jaded. Whether you plan to sell your home or want to continue living in it, a dose of healthy remodeling is good way to put some zest into it. Renovating and remodeling homes need not mean whole sale changes. Even minor tweaks and subtle changes can make lot of difference to your everyday life.

Complete Or Partial Home Remodeling Design

A complete home remodeling design and renovation project can set you back financially by a huge amount. Also, the time commitment for such a task is huge. So, if you have a smaller budget you can instead opt for limited remodeling project involving just the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. A limited project allows you to concentrate on small areas and helps you to complete the project within a fixed time period. When you finish a project in a short period of time and can see good results you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Sometimes, it just takes a minor tweak to save us from some irritating tasks which we perform because of the way things are placed or designed in our home.

Living Room Remodeling

There are certain spaces in the house which exist but can’t be put to meaningful use due to various reasons. This kind of unused space can be found anywhere in the house but most likely you will find them in a poorly designed living room. Analyze the reason why the particular niche or alcove is unused. Will adding a partition or extra lights in that area make it more productive. The home remodeling design should serve a purpose. Adding closets and storage cupboards will help you organize your stuff better. Partitioning it off can help make it useful for small private sit out, computer room, study, studio or even a modern bar with a counter. It can also be used as a special place to display your trophies or may be hobby collections. Depending on need and better utilization of space a living room remodeling project can be taken up.

If you wish to make a large living room into two separate usable spaces then adding a glass partition or light wooden partition is a good idea or just a dramatic transition in the design can itself serve the purpose and mark the other part as a different living space. Sometimes, even a subtle demarcation like the end of carpeted space will mark the transition.

One part can be the entertaining space for friends and family. Make the room inviting and trendy by updating the lighting to the latest available fixtures, updating the furniture, replacing the carpeting, creating wall space for some modern open shelves or to put up a few prized display pieces. Putting up a stunning picture that draws your eye, adding a fresh coat of paint and changing the window dressing style are a few suggestions that cost much less than a whole scale remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling

The other part can be better used as dining area or open kitchen with dining. By knocking down the walls of the kitchen and opening it up to the living area, you can have the whole kitchen and dining area in combination with the entertaining area as an open and free space without any constraining walls. This is major home remodeling design, where a professionals help with your valuable inputs will help create a free flowing space. If you love to entertain people this makes a great idea as it allows you to check on the cooking, supervising the serving and also talk to the guests in the living room. This modern design also forces you to keep the kitchen and dining as spic and span as the entertaining area. You can have the same theme for the entire space with similar lighting, color and design scheme. Themes can be modern, antique, based on the wild west or a sport. There are hundreds of other themes to choose from depending on your likes and dislikes.

If you don’t want the open kitchen model then you can create the dining area with in the kitchen if it is large enough. Or even a breakfast counter with bar stools allows interaction between the person cooking and kids or family eating. The breakfast counter can have storage cabinets on one side and sitting area on the other side. If you have space a more formal dining space can be adjoining the kitchen or in a partitioned living room.

Bedroom Remodeling

If you have small bedroom and you wish to make it larger than that is a major remodeling exercise especially if you want to incorporate the adjoining room into this master bedroom space. You will need a professional contractors help to bring down the walls and redesign the room. On the other hand if you wish to make some minor changes then it can be take up as a project for the weekends. You can devote a few weekends to make changes to your bedroom like create more storage space, update the furniture and linen, change the window treatment, add a fresh coat of paint and add some colorful rugs to the bedroom floor.

If your bedroom is large and you wish to make use of the space a little more effectively then you can create a walk in closet or powder room by partitioning the bedroom into two usable spaces. Add closets, lighting, mirror and you can keep a lot of clutter out of the bedroom with better organization in this newly created space.

Bathroom Remodeling

A very popular home remodeling design project is the bathroom remodeling. It is challenging and major one if you are thinking of changing every aspect of the room. Pulling out the old tiles, replacing them with a new design scheme, changing the fixtures and fittings can all add up to a pretty penny not to mention the effort and time involved.

A simpler solution might be to replace the sink or vanity, bathtubs and shower stalls. Make the shower a more open design for a sense of space and freedom, have ceiling mounted shower that reduces water splashing. Modern rain showers and waterfall showers are bliss to bathe under. If you are a bathtub person then deep, comfortable bath, hot tub or Jacuzzi are great ways to relax after a stressful day at work.

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