Go Green Business – Simple Ideas To Change The World

So you want to go green business – but don’t know where to start? There are so many options, you may easily get confused unless you stay focused and do your research carefully and well. Green business is exploding in all directions, thanks to the generous grants and steep subsidies offered by government programs for home owners and businesses alike that initiate environment friendly changes.

Another reason it’s appealing for entrepreneurs to go green business is the incentives and grants offered to research and development in renewable energy fields. Over 96 billion dollars have been spent by federal and state programs on green energy research over the last decade, and this shows no sign of slowing down in the future. Indeed, corporations are stepping in to fund projects where VCs and governments were the only players.

Before you decide to go green business, let’s explore some options and see what other entrepreneurs who chose to go green have done so far.

Green Lighting Solutions

Imagine a light bulb that can give illumination equivalent to a 60 watt conventional bulb, but can do it at a fraction of energy cost, last for years, and cost less than $10. That’s what LED lights powered by an embedded chip with white light emitting diodes can do. And Bridgelux is the go green business that innovated this solution which is about to hit the market with a bang.

Water Energy to Electricity

Green and renewable energy sources are not only on land, they also exist in water. Think of underwater turbines that are turned by currents in the ocean that are set up by changing tides. This is converted into electricity by Clean Current Power Systems, a Vancouver based go green business. The technology is so promising that it has been purchased by a French power plant manufacturer for commercialization. The prototype will be set up in Nova Scotia next year, in a place where tides are so strong that water levels rise and fall by nearly fifty feet.

Own a Battery Powered Car?

If you drive a battery powered car in Europe or the United States, then this go green business has a product of interest… a curb side recharger that your car can plug into. Everything happens under the driver’s control, who manages the process with a custom key fob. Coulomb Technologies in California is the innovator of this green technology that offers an all-in-one solution which handles billing, utilities, and even helps you locate a nearby charging station through your mobile phone or tablet!

Smart Energy Meters

A smart go green business is one that skirts the edges of the actual green technology – yet integrates beautifully with it! eMeter from San Mateo, California, manufacture ‘smart meters’ that hook into existing utilities at homes, offices, businesses and other buildings, integrating them with older billing and operations or maintenance systems.

As an entrepreneur looking to go green business, these stories may give you some ideas about how best to tap into the boom area of green energy business and green technology.

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