6 Elements of Powerful Custom Bathroom Design

Custom bathroom design is far from traditional. So much has changed in the view we take as home owners about the bathroom. Gone are the days when it was thought of in a purely functional sense, as a place to perform the daily morning ablutions before carrying on with life. These days, a bathroom is considered just as important a part of the home as a bedroom or kitchen. And the focus and attention upon custom bathroom design is a reflection of this changed perception.

Creating an attractive, aesthetically pleasing and spa-like environment in the bathroom has grown easier and even less expensive than ever before. Not only does a custom bathroom design add to the attractiveness of your home, it actually enhances the value of the building so that when it comes to reselling your asset, you may well make a profit on the cost invested to remodel it.

So what are the 6 powerful elements of custom bathroom design?

1. Bathroom Flooring

The days of plain vinyl bathroom flooring are behind us. Even simple advances like porcelain tile flooring are quite out of date. What’s in today is stone and ceramic flooring.

And custom bathroom design allows for innovations such as electrically heated flooring for greater comfort. It’s a delightful feeling to step out of a shower and feel your feet touch a toasty warm floor. Not only that, the entire bathroom can be warmed by the heat radiating from the floor.

2. Custom Bathroom Vanities

Custom bathroom design involves the choice of vanities manufactured from stone and other green, environment friendly materials. And by selecting these vanities carefully, you’ll radically alter the way your bathroom looks and feels. Other accessories like taps, sinks, showers, toilets and cabinets can also help enhance the beauty and spaciousness of even smaller sized bathrooms.

3. Bathtubs and Showers

The range of choice from which you can select bathtubs and showers has literally exploded. Rain shower heads, LED shower heads and even wall-mounted showers that spray needles of hot water from all around you are in fashion. And hot air bathtubs, sound vibrating powered tubs and jet jacuzzis all create a relaxing environment in which you can soak and enjoy returning home after a stressful day at work.

4. Bathroom Mirrors

Another element of custom bathroom design that can alter the look and feel of your bathroom is the selection and arrangement of mirrors. You can give your room a classy and snazzy appearance which also conveys the perception of greater space inside. Mirrors come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and their frames can be made of chrome, gold, marble or other sorts of attractive choices.

Custom bathroom design transcends into greatness when it intelligently harnesses this vast range of choice into a tastefully decorated bathroom. Luxury vanities like fog-free mirrors can add a special touch to your bathroom.

5. Custom Bathroom Lighting

The way you position lights around the bathroom and their relative brightness and focus can transform your home. Recessed and spot lighting are mainstays of custom bathroom design. On the one hand, lighting must provide enough illumination to carry out your morning chores. But on another level, lighting can add that special touch of class and style to what is typically a drab and functional part of your home.

6. Multimedia Bathroom Accessories

Custom bathroom design must also factor in advances in technology like flat panel TV screens that are now ubiquitous around the home thanks to very cheap prices and incredible clarity. Portable DVD players installed in cabinets, high quality speakers fitted around the shower and wirelessly transmitted programs to devices installed in different locations around the home have helped create the multimedia bathroom.

These 6 elements of custom bathroom design together have given interior designers plenty to play with – and home owners a hitherto unimaginable range of options to pick from. It truly is a great time to construct or remodel a bathroom today.

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