Bathroom Renovations Cost – Keep An Eye On Those Numbers

Bathroom renovations cost can spiral out of control unless you maintain a strict budget and stick to it. Cost overruns are inevitable but you should keep it within manageable levels. A high end bathroom renovation can set you back several thousand dollars. But, you can bathroom makeovers for less than $200 dollars too. A fresh coat of paint, replacing a few fixtures adding new blinds or curtains can transform your bathroom and make it look nice and fresh.

For example a high-end bathroom renovation can set you back by up to 30,000-35,000 dollars. Of course the how you define high-end varies. But, this is only a ballpark number arrived at after researching the costs throughout the country. Similarly, for a mid-range bathroom you will be spending around 15,000 dollars. Again the bathroom renovations cost vary and prices differ from one state to another. Keep these figures in mind before starting the bathroom renovation project.

Bathroom Renovations Cost – Estimate Costs, Make A Budget And Stick To It

A major renovation involving complete gutting of the old room and replacing every single aspect from tiles to fixtures will make a significant dent in your bank balance. It depends on what sort of bathroom renovation you want to undertake. If your old bathroom has fallen in serious disrepair and needs a major overhaul then the above idea may be okay to take up. Else, you can go about replacing bits and pieces and try to spread the costs over a long period of time and complete the remodeling in say 2-3 years. That way your bathroom will still be usable while you replace different fittings and fixtures and the cost of renovating the bathroom will not be a major burden on your finances.

It is important to make rough estimate of the costs involved for the proposed renovation you would like to undertake. First, make your wish list for your bathroom, then check out the costs involved in purchasing the materials and labor charges involved in replacing things like bathroom tiles and old plumbing or the shower stall. If you are DIY expert or enthusiast then it may be possible to cut out on some major expenses that you will be paying professionals. Remember though some things are best left to experts like laying glass tiles which is a painstaking job that needs a lot of skill and experience. Things can really wrong if they are not layer properly. So, don’t cut your bathroom renovations cost by cutting out this needed expenses.

Once you have a rough estimate of the bathroom renovation costs, next step is check whether it is feasible for you. If not you may have to cut expenses like replacing the old bathtub or shower stall may have to wait while you finish replacing the tiles. Vanities and bathtubs are the most expensive items when it comes to expenses related to bathroom remodeling. Glass tiles are another major expense as both material cost and laying costs are high for these tiles. You can choose less expensive alternatives or spread your cost over several months.

Research costs and alternatives on the web and also stores near your home for cost comparison. It might be a good idea to shop online for some items that are priced lower at stores like

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