Radiant Barrier Spray Cost – Learn the Dangers of Radiant Barrier Paint Spray

The radiant barrier spray cost varies with how and where it is used. The cost depends on the quantity to be used and should include the radiant barrier airbrush cost. You could reduce your costs by using a radiant barrier spray coupon.

But, before you buy read on to find out if radiant barrier spray is an effective attic insulation spray in cost terms. Many researches have been conducted to find out the differences between radiant barrier spray paint and radiant barrier foil.

There are many customers who feel paint or spray is better as a true radiant barrier. They are actually mistaken. The spray sounds ideal and also carries the title “radiant barrier”, but even the standard radiant barrier lacks the quality of true reflectivity. You can find many reasons why a radiant barrier foil is fantastic for insulation.

Barrier paints and sprays claim to offer a standard level of reflectivity, but the truth is that even if installed properly, these paints and sprays do not give even a decent reflectivity level. Many of the low-e paints have a level of 25%. This is significantly higher than 10% of the standard level that barrier foils have. You can all see the proof when low-e paints are put to test with radiant barriers.

If one opts for a spray radiant barrier when the paint is being applied to a home, people in the home along with pets leave the home premises, and fans keep blowing air all day long.

Even the people who are applying the paint might be in danger. They wear VOC suits to protect themselves from the harsh fumes that are being emitted. This can produce needless dangers for the house and for the family members. But, if one is opting for a foil radiant barrier, none of the above things are possible, and home evacuation is not necessary.

Also, the failure possibility with the radiant spray and paint is much more. Low-e paints have to be applied perfectly. When a spray radiant barrier is used, small mistakes during the installation can lead to huge problems at home. If the spray is applied too lightly or heavily, your energy costs will hit the sky not counting the radiant barrier spray cost.

The radiant barrier spray and paint advertisers make wild claims, but in spite of these claims, the results aren’t shown by them to the homeowners. Much of the energy costs can be saved with the use of radiant barrier foils which are very effective. Additionally, the foil does its work without any risks. So, you need to balance between the two and check out if the radiant barrier spray cost is worth it.

Radiant Barrier Spray Cost – Safety Precautions

While using a spray radiant barrier, lot of care has to be taken as it contains materials which are highly toxic. Adequate gloves for hands, masks and proper clothing are a must. More care has to be taken while you handle the spray, if you are working in a space which has poor ventilation like a crawl space.

Radiant Barrier Spray Cost – Energy Savings

This modern technique will stop the heat from getting inside. During winter, it will reflect the heat from inside, thus keeping the house warm. Similarly, during summers, the incident heat on your house from the sun is reflected back, and thus does not penetrate your house. This will allow your air conditioner to rest for a while. Thus, the radiant barrier helps save your money by reducing your consumption of energy and so, radiant barrier spray cost is worthwhile in order to get energy savings.

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