Radiant Barrier Paint: Effective Room Insulation with Radiant Barrier Spray Paint

If you don’t have the capability of putting more money in your pocket, then here are some ways to have money. By executing energy saving measures using efficient attic systems, you can cut down your bills, save energy and hence save money. You should check out radiant barrier reviews, radiant barrier spray, radiant barrier vs foil and other options for effective home insulation especially attics.

Radiant Barrier Paint will reduce your expenditure on energy. The very first thing is that the most efficient and economical insulation is the radiant barrier insulation. Radiant barrier can give you far more better insulation than your existing insulation, and thus reduce the radiant energy spreading into your house by 97%.Isn’t it amazing! It is.This will alone cut down your electricity bills by 25%.

Other ways to insulate your home apart from radiant barrier paint are mentioned below.

Solar Screens

Most people believe that by using curtains and blinds it is possible to keep their homes cool. The rays from the sun heating your house have passed the glass and now are heating the air that is between the curtains and the glass. The next time when there is sunshine straight on the window coverings, check them to know how much heat comes into your house. Solar screens are the solution to this problem. They help keep the solar rays from entering your home, and thus keep it cool with less energy.


Did you ever know that if one is at ease in one’s home at 74 degrees, less amount of humidity will give you the same comfort at 77-78 degrees? The less the humidity, the cooler you feel, so if you install a dehumidifier in your home, you will be more relaxed, and certainly will save your money by using your HVAC less. The less the usage of HVAC, the more life it is going to have.

Penetration Sealing

If the air gaps in an average home are to be consolidated ,it would correspond to a six inch square hole leading out from the inside of your house. Talking about the old houses, this combined air gap would be as much as two feet. Instead of cooling your house, you are trying to cool the houses in your neighborhood. Therefore, if you seal the penetrations inside your home, you can cool the inside of your house.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

11 % of the electricity bill comes from lighting. The illumination provided by CFLs is the same as that provided by ordinary bulbs, but they consume only one third of energy. Simply changing your bulbs at home will save about 7% or more on your electricity bill.

Water Heater Insulation

The aim of your water heater is not only to generate hot water but also to keep it hot. More heat radiated by the machine shell, faster the cooling of water and more consumption of the gas or electricity to keep it hot. Insulation of the water heater and the hot water line helps the heat to be there in the right place, and so the component fires less, thus saving money in the short run, and replacement charges in the long run.

The above steps and radiant barrier paint together will make your home energy efficient and save you money.

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