Home Solar Panels – 9 Steps To Building Your Own Panels From Scratch

Are you planning to build home solar panels? You can do it from the comfort of your home and it is easy.In this article we will discuss the steps to building residential solar panels. Building these panels are simple if you know how. When you build them you have the satisfaction of having contributed your bit to the environment. As using home solar energy reduces our dependence on oil and gas.

Home Solar Panels: Preparatory Steps Before Installing

Before you start the process of putting together the home solar panels get yourself a step-by-step guide or a tutorial to building a solar panel. Loads of such manuals are available in the market today. Reading them will help you understand the basics and in just a few days you can become an expert! Here’s a suggestion – make the home solar system project a family one and your whole family can have fun making the home solar systems which will help you save energy over years to come.

Another important factor to consider is your energy bill. Browse through your bills for the past year and find out how much power in terms of wattage you are consuming on an average every month. During a few months your usage will be much higher than the average. This happens in summer and winters when you use more energy to cool or heat your homes. With these numbers in mind you can start planning for the number of home solar panels needed. The cost of home solar panels kits depends on the wattage so, naturally, more wattage means more home solar panels and your costs will go up accordingly.

Decide on the location where your residential solar panels will be placed. Choose a sunny spot that does not have trees or building casting shadows over it. Your ideal location should allow the panels to capture the maximum amount of solar rays. Best will be the roof or if you own a farm then the vast open spaces are ideal for setting up the home solar panels array.

Basically, there are 8 steps to making home solar panels which you will find in any DIY manual.

  • 1. Measure and cut the plywood into sections and make sure all the solar cells can fit into these sections.
  • 2. Now, using a UV-protective varnish paint the plywood sections.
  • 3. Connect all the solar cells to each other using wires and solder them in place.
  • 4. Using silicon caulk dabs attach the solar cells over the plywood.
  • 5. In the last solar cells make two holes for the two wires to pulled out.
  • 6. Seal the holes with silicon beads once the wires are pulled through.
  • 7. Make holes in the plexiglass to fix screws in them.
  • 8. Construct a frame to support the plexiglass.
  • 9. Using silicon and screws attach the plexiglass frame to the plywood containing the solar cells.Repeat the process for the number of home solar panels you need.

    The panels are now ready for installation. So, you see that it is quite simple and easy to build a solar panel from scratch. Why not make this your weekend project? The cost of this whole project will work out less than $200 dollars maximum. By building and installing home solar panels you will be saving hundreds of dollars in your energy bills over the years and also helping towards making Earth a greener and cleaner planet.

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