Building A Solar Panel

Building A Solar Panel In The Most Cost Effective Way

It’s easy to build a solar panel if you have the required step-by-step guide and the tools and materials. It takes about 6 hours to complete this entire project and will cost you less than 200 bucks and can lead to massive savings in your energy bills. Start using solar power in just a few days after installing the solar panel. Another option you can explore is putting up solar shingles if you are planning to replace your roof. The solar panel roof can help power your lighting fixtures or provide hot water for your family’s needs.

Before you start the building process research solar panels, their types, efficiencies, wattage ratings and buy materials suitable for your use. Buy good quality mounts. There are mainly three types – thin film solar panel, mono-crystalline panel and polycrystalline panel.

solar panel are highly resilient and tough. They are low maintenance and last for two to three decades. They will continue to work efficiently for much longer if there is no damage due to accident or extreme weather conditions.

The technology behind a solar panel has improved drastically over the years, the price of a solar cell has fallen steeply. This becomes more attractive when you consider the fact that the price of other energy sources have risen proportionately in the last few decades.

Some Money Saving Tips For Buying A Solar Panel

Efficiency – A solar panel has different efficiency ratings. A higher efficiency panel converts same amount of sun light into more energy compared to a lower efficiency solar panel. Well, since sunlight is absolutely free we don’t have to really make efficient use of it unlike fossil fuels, crude or gas. You can put up more number of low-cost low-efficiency solar panels and get the solar energy you need.

But, if you have limited amount of space in which to put up the solar panel then in that case you will have to go for the more efficient and lesser number of panels. High efficiency solar panels cost higher than others.

Buy materials for solar panel at a wholesaler or at a reputed solar panel manufacturer. With newer models coming in every week they will be in a hurry to get rid of the older models which you can grab for lower prices.

You can generate your own electricity using a solar panel and gradually replace using conventional energy from your town’s power grid. As energy prices rise and the cost of panels and other equipment decreases, solar energy systems look better as an investment.

You can install the solar panel anywhere and tap into solar power. Your terrace or your farm or open spaces are ideal to place the panels to trap sun’s heat. As mentioned earlier in the article if you know how to make a solar panel then you save quite a bit of money and you can recover the whole cost in just a few months when you start seeing massive savings in your energy bills.

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