Where Can I Find Wood Venetian Blinds For My Window?

A wood Venetian blind is made from natural woods like dark wood, real oaks, beech, white, pecan, teak, mahogany, birch, artic white, light oak, cinnamon, golden oak, hickory, walnut, sugar maple or dark cedar. These also come in painted wooden, woven wood or bamboo. The variety and range of wooden blinds is truly amazing.

Wood venetian blind is usually made of high quality parts and color coordinated. The cordless ones are easily operated using buttons or tabs to move the blinds to different angles. These are usually expensive but are durable and make for stylish interiors. Nothing can beat the charm of wood.

You have to note though that unless marked made of real oak or real mahogany, most of the wooden blinds are made from basswood timber and then it is stained or painted to resemble other wood species. So, if you try to match your flooring to your wooden blinds it may not be the exact match as flooring are made of real wood species. Also, you have to remember that in nature there is lot of variation. So, one wooden sample made of real mahogany may not match another real mahogany sample exactly. You have to give some allowance for these variations. Wooden blinds also come painted in different colors to match the room decor and they are covered with lacquers to make them resistant to scratches.

To answer the original question of where to buy wooden blinds? There are many stores that sell them. Online and offline literally hundreds of stores sell great quality wood blinds. Bali Blinds, Blinds Galore, Blinds Direct, Hillary, Kresta, Hunter Douglas, Blinds To Go, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart are just a few of trusted names in blinds. You should be able to pick some great bargains if they are having clearance sales which happen yearly once for most real world stores.

If you want, you can order these blinds from the comfort of your home. Make sure you take the correct measurements of the different windows and doors in your home that need blinds. If you are not sure about this the stores themselves provide guidelines on how to take measurements and what allowances to be made. Select from vertical or horizontal, roller or roman, Venetian or shutters, size of slats, the type of wood, color painted or natural wood stains and so on. Once you have decided on some basic criteria, ask for samples before you make a final decision. Make sure to place an order soon after you order the samples because some types go out of style soon and they may not available if you take a long time to place your order.

A wood venetian blind is highly effective in temperature control and looks appealing too. It keeps the room cool and comfortable in summers by keeping direct light out. In winters the rooms retain the warmth from heating longer as wood is a bad conductor of heat. So, go shopping. Buy a wooden blind of your choice and enjoy the beauty for years to come.

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