Choosing Between Pleated Blinds and Panel Blinds for Your Home

You may find most of the pleated shades simple in style, and yet completely functional. They often come with warranty on materials and workmanship. These are easy to install, convenient to work with and are fashionable. The shades are durable, and give long years of service.

Pleated blinds that are fashionable, elegant and practical offer you versatility. To create these pleated blinds, a variety of crisp fabrics are used. The pleats are folded intricately to make sure that they and the cells do not flatten or sag after being used repeatedly. Either thick or sheer fabrics are used so as to keep heat and light in or out, depending on the customer’s choice.

Customers can choose from shaded fabrics that highlight traditional patterns or contemporary ones. They come in metalized or soft, solid weaves. For children’s room and nurseries, one can opt for juvenile prints. These will add charm to the rooms. Linings could be added to the pleats which will control the extent to which light is filtered or they can give you a little more privacy.

Want a cool, dark room? Then, you can use double cell blackout blinds. These are made of high quality polyester and have a foil lining. The advantages of this fabric are that it repels dust and dirt, resists stains and can be cleaned easily. Window treatments block 99.99% UV rays, and keep light out from the room artistically and gracefully. Insulating RA-value of 3.4 is assured by many manufacturers. The double cell pleats create air pockets which help to keep out the burning heat in summers and the cold wind in winters.

Light filtering shades with a single cell are usually made from honeycomb fabric. This fabric is soft and durable. To give a uniform appearance from outside, a white backing is provided to the shades. You can get these shades in 12mm and 20mm. 20mm half-cell pleats trap air and block heat in summers. These can be found in different prints and shades.

The fabrics used for the pleated shades stack easily. When a shade is raised, it looks really uniform, compact and neat. To match the shade, the bottom and the trim head rail along with other components are color co-ordinated.

Varieties of lifting options are available with pleated blinds. Some of them are the top down or bottom up system, ultra-lift system and cordless system. The ultra-lift system is mostly fitted in wide and heavy pleats. You can raise, lower or tilt the shade with the help of ultra-fit system which uses a retractable cord mechanism. The cordless version of this system is even better which ensures safety from the dangling cords. Your children and pets can remain safe. With the touch of your hand, you can lower or raise these shades.

Now that you have come to know about the types of pleated blinds, you have the option to choose the best one for your home or office.

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