Dormer Window Designs For Extra Space And More Light

Dormer window designs help create extra head room especially in lofts and attics. Usually added to homes at a later date the dormer protrudes from the roof. You would have seen such homes where a rectangular box like window projects out of a sloping roof. Inside the home there is extra head space. The dormer window is useful for getting extra light and ventilation into the top floors of the homes.

What are the differences between skylight windows and dormer window designs?

A skylight is always flush with roof of the home. Whether the house has a sloping or a flat roof the skylight is embedded into the roofing and provides light for attics and loft areas. Skylight windows can have sliding glass doors or hinged panels that can be opened in good weather for ventilation.

On the other hand a dormer window designs always projects out of the roof and is conspicuous from the outside of the home. Some homes have false dormers. It is a purely decorative addition to the home and provides no functional purpose as the insides are roofed off. Dormer window designs can be part of the original home construction or can be added later as and when the need arises. As dormer windows are usually not standard sized you will need custom window treatments or use draperies. You can also use regular curtains or a custom made drapery style to add class for these windows.

Before you go for them dormer window designs have to be carefully considered. If they are not properly incorporated into the roof design it can mar the aesthetics of the home even though you get extra space inside. Also, improper designs can cause leakages leading to big repair bills. Pleasing lines of a sloped roof are the most attractive aspect of a home’s external appearance. Unsightly dormer windows designs can ruin this beauty. So, before going for extra space creation consider how best to join the roof with added dormer and choose from one of several types listed below. Choose a window design that goes with your home’s overall look and feel.

Dormer window designs are several types – gable fronted, hipped roof, flat roof, shed, link and wall dormers.

Flat Roof Dormer: As the name suggests the roof of the dormer is flat.

Shed Dormer – This dormer’s eave line is parallel to the main roof and is often referred to as eyelid dormer. This provides extra space in the attics and also head room.

Hipped roof Dormer – The roof of this dormer slopes back from the front of the dormer to some point farther back on the original roof

Gable Fronted Dormer – Also known as dog house dormer.

Link Dormer – This is a large dormer that links one part of the house with another or is used to house the chimney.

When and if you want to go for loft conversions for extra space and decide to go for dormers try adding them at the back of the home. If not possible then add it to the side which is least visible to people passing by. A well designed and beautifully crafted dormer will not take away from your home’s look. On the other hand badly crafted dormer window designs can mar the character and appearance of your home.

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