Choosing The Perfect Custom Sofa Slipcovers

When redecorating a living room or den, one of the most costly furnishings to replace is a sofa or couch. Choosing a new sofa to coordinate with existing furniture or home decor is not always a practical option. For many people who choose to go with a brand new look and interior design, custom sofa slipcovers can be the answer.

Custom sofa slipcovers can be made especially to the customer’s specifications. This means the size, style and materials used for the slipcover is virtually limitless. Any person can go out to a local department store and purchase a ready-made slipcover for a chair or sofa, but it will not always be the style or design one is hoping to achieve. Having slipcovers specially designed and custom made to fit the unique shape and size of an existing sofa can save the day.

It’s relatively simple to go online and order custom sofa slipcovers. The great thing is, one does not even have to leave the comfort of her own home to do so. The first step when ordering custom sofa slipcovers is to take measurements of the sofa to be covered. This should be a painless process, as all that is required is a tape measure to do so. The length and width of the sofa need to be accurately measured, however.

Many companies offer product swatches and samples for prospective buyers to look through before making their slipcover selection. There should be a nominal charge for this fee, and some manufacturers will not charge at all. Looking over the swatches is vital before making a decision, and it is helpful to feel the material as well. It’s a good idea to get an estimate before making a final decision, and some companies offer free catalogs to browse through, or their inventory may be viewed online.

Choosing the fabric for a custom sofa slipcover should not be a challenge. Simply match the fabric to existing furniture fabrics for a complete and coordinated look. For a room that includes solid color chairs, choosing custom sofa slipcovers in geometrical patterns and designs might offer a bold appeal. Stripes work nice as well, just so long as the colors blend nicely and match existing decor.

It is important to consider the style of the sofa to be outfitted. Slipcovers may be available in box cushion, L cushion or straight back styles. Wedge arm and square arm styles are also commonly made. Some couch slipcovers also feature a matching custom cushion cover as well. There are other options to consider as well, such as corner inverted pleats or ruffled skirt.

When ordering custom sofa slipcovers, it’s important to obtain a satisfaction guarantee. This assures that. if for any reason you are not satisfied within a specified period of time, you may receive an exchange or your money will be refunded. Equally important, is customer service from the company manufacturing the custom sofa slipcovers. A toll free customer support telephone number can be of great assistance when needed.

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