Try Cheap Wooden Blinds For Conservatories

Cheap wooden blinds are made of basswood timber and then it is stained to look like the different wood species like walnut, pecan, dark cedar, teak and so on. Unless it is specifically mentioned that it is made of real wood of certain variety this is the general practice followed in the blinds industry. Bamboo and woven wooden blinds are other types of timber blinds suitable for conservatories. With woven blinds you get the added benefit of breeze and air coming through the blinds with only the light being cut off.

Good quality wooden blinds can be expensive but there are some cheap ones available too. You need to research the various stores and check out the models and type of blinds available with them. Most stores have year-end sales where they clear out old stock. You might be able to get some bargains during these discount sale periods. You might be lucky and get wooden blinds for affordable prices.

There might be a problem that you might not get all your blinds of the same color or type. But, if your conservatory is large then you can mark out different areas for different purposes and put up the blinds to match the purpose of that corner. You can also mix and match two or three colors of similar shades. Or if you have large window with a nice view, then you can fix a large roman or holland shade for that window. The shades can be pulled up and you and your guests can enjoy some uninterrupted views.

You can get blinds at wholesale store at a reasonable cost and another option is going the do-it-yourself (DIY) way. Aluminium mini blinds are another low cost option. Faux wood blinds are also another cheap option.

Don’t buy cheap looking blinds as this can mar the whole look and feel of your conservatory and whatever purpose you have earmarked for it. If it’s going to be exclusive play area, then some colorful motifs that highlight the fun element of the space can be used on the patterned shades. If you feel privacy is of primary importance then vertical blinds are the best. Go for expensive but easily customizable and convenient pleated blinds for the roofs.

Sometimes the cheap wooden blinds will look great but the mechanisms and rails will be of low quality. This can break after a few operations or get stuck or not work at all. All these problems mean that you won’t be able to operate your blinds for the intended purpose. They will be either permanently up or permanently down as you will have no choice with all the mechanisms broken! So, it is important to get good quality accessories that go with your blinds.

Your aim should be to get good quality blinds for low prices. Buy from trusted brands that offer good after sales service. If your blinds have problems the service professionals should be able to fix it. If you get cheap blinds which are also of good quality and will last you several years then that is ideal. Else, buy combinations of blinds and shades to window dress up your conservatory within your budget. A good research tool to find cheap wooden blinds is the Internet, yellow pages and local business directory.

Same color and type of blinds look great in a conservatory but if you have budgetary concerns then going for the above method and developing your unique style by making use of cheap roman blinds, shades and venetian blinds is not such a bad idea if the overall final picture presented is one of harmony and quite elegance.

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