Armless Sofa Slipcover – The Easy Interior Decoration Solution

Protecting your furniture with blankets and covers, including an armless sofa slipcover, is sensible while cutting down on costs from expensive upholstering and replacement. When you’ve spent a fortune on a set of elegant furniture for your living room, the last thing you want is for it to get spoiled by spilling food or drink on them, or having your pet clamber all over it.

Putting on a slipcover is a simple solution. Vinyl and plastic slipcovers were once popular, but are rarely used these days. Now an armless sofa slipcover comes in a wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics. You’ll definitely find something you like. You’ll be able to protect your furniture with these slip covers, and maintain the rich look for the long run, while matching your covers with the rest of the room’s decor.

What type of sofa slipcover should you get? Well, it depends upon the stress it will have to bear from visitors or users. If there are many children jumping all over the chair or sofa, then you’ll need a tougher fabric like denim than if the piece is used by adults and not very often.

Fabric choices range from cotton to denim, leather to damask. Make sure you visit many home furnishing shops in your locality to see the fabric types available and see which ones you want. Also browse the Web for online stores which display samples.

Ready made armless sofa slipcover models come in many different colors. It is unlikely that you won’t find exactly what you want. But if you don’t run across it in your local stores, you’ll almost certainly find it from a web search. And getting just the right kind matters because you’re keen on having your slipcovers match the room’s interior.

You don’t necessarily have to leave your armless sofa slipcover on all the time. They are made to be removable, and so you can take them off and store them safely while the furniture is not in use. During the times when you expect them to be visible and used, such as during parties or meetings, dust off the slipcover and put it on. That way you’ll protect your furniture from the worst wear and tear.

Slipcovers can be easily washed. Before you put it into the washing machine, though, check the care label inside for instructions. Remove the slipcover from the washing machine immediately after a spin cycle. Leaving it for long will lead to deep wrinkling. Hang out to dry or dry it on the least heat setting – otherwise it may shrink.

Smooth the armless chair slipcover over your furniture, pulling the seams and cording into place, and then tuck in the extra fabric into crevices. You can iron your slipcover after washing for a fresh pressed look.

The best slipcovers are constructed to very high standards, and is made to order to fit your measurements. You can also select your preferred color and fabric type. If you want to make sure, ask for samples before you order. Most manufacturers will guarantee your satisfaction, and allow you to return defective slipcovers within 30 days.

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