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Wish for stronger legs?  Yearn to wear miniskirts?  Tired of your flabby thighs? Ready to lose all that unsightly cellulite?

It’s not hard at all.  There are a few simple thigh exercises for slim and sexy legs.  If you have a pear-shaped physique, you’ve probably already tried one of many thigh exercises to get rid of those unshapely deposits of fatty tissue around your thighs and legs.  Even if belly fat is more dangerous in terms of disease risk, thigh fat is unsightly and thigh exercises can help melt it away effectively.

Are there any quick and simple thigh exercises that can get rid of plump thighs?  You bet.  But they require one important characteristic – you should be disciplined enough to stick with the program and carry out thigh exercises regularly, and also modify your eating habits suitably.

Think you’re up to it?  Here are a few simple thigh exercises to begin with.

The Squat

Nothing can beat the squat as the best thigh reducing exercise ever! Even if you don’t do any of the other thigh exercises in this list, the squat is mandatory. It works really fast and is very simple too. You’ll notice visibly reduced thighs within weeks.

Besides your thighs, squats also strengthen your core muscles. There are many variations to this exercise, and you can keep rotating between them to make your
workout more interesting. Whichever variation you follow the squat has two basic steps.

* Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
* Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the ground, keeping your back straight.
* Hold for as long as you can.
* Repeat 6-8 times.

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Variations on the Squat

The Chair Pose I:
This form of thigh exercise is the regular squat where you hold your thighs at 90 degrees to the calves and it looks like you are seated in a chair.

The Ball Squat:
This squat is done against an exercise ball placed between your back and a wall. Just perform a regular squat while making sure you’re holding the ball in position.

The Chair Pose II:
Another one of the effective thigh exercises, this is a variation on the chair pose and is a little more difficult.

* Squat in the chair pose.
* Raise your arms above your head and bring your palms together.
* Move your butt up, and then down.
* Repeat 10-15 times.

The Chair Pose III:
This is one more variation on the traditional chair pose.

* Squat in the chair pose .
* Raise your arms above your head and bring the palms of both your hands together.
* Lift your heels off the ground such that only the balls of your feet touch the ground.
* Move your butt down and inwards, close to your calves.
* Hold for 5 seconds.
* Repeat 2-4 times.

Plyometric Squat:

The thigh exercises called plyometric squats are a more dynamic version of the squat.

* Squat
* Jump up explosively using the muscles of your lower back, thighs and butt.
* Land gently on your feet.
* Repeat 15-20 times.

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The Flamingo

This is another great exercise to tone your thighs which is slightly more complicated, but gives many benefits that make it worth including in your exercise routine. Do the Flamingo regularly and watch as the fat almost literally melts away right in front of your eyes.  It’s one of the most popular thigh exercises for good reason!

The Flamingo works out your entire body.

* Stand with legs shoulder-width apart.
* Hold a dumbbell in one hand and place the other hand on your hip.
* Raise the leg opposite to the hand holding the dumbbell.
* Raise your leg slowly to hip level.
* Now your body should be parallel to the ground.
* Keep the hand holding the dumbbell with the palm facing upwards.
* Do a biceps curl.
* Bring your leg down and relax your hand.
* Repeat 10-15 times
* Do the same on the opposite side.

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Lunges are easy and effective thigh exercises to reduce fat. They workout the
thighs, calves and foot muscles.

* Start with your legs shoulder width apart.
* Lunge forward on one leg till the knee of the other leg is almost on the ground.
* Return back to starting position.
* Repeat on the opposite side.

Variations on the Lunge

Lunges with Dumbbells:
Do the regular lunges but while holding dumbbells in your hands for extra resistance.

Side Lunges:
This version gives an intense workout to your inner thighs. It is the perfect type of thigh exercise if you are looking for a thigh gap or want stronger leg muscles. This works out the core muscles in addition to your legs.

* Stand with legs apart and hands on your hips
* Lift one leg off the ground and take a wide step to the side.
* Lunge towards that side.
* Raise your leg and bring it back to position without supporting yourself.
* Repeat 10-15 times .
* Do the same on the opposite side.

The Gate Swing:
The gate swing targets not only your thighs but also the core and stabilizing muscles.

* Stand on one leg with hands behind your head.
* Raise your other leg and swing it across your body.
* Without bringing it back down, swing it out and towards the other side of your body.
* Bring your leg back to the ground.
* Repeat 10-15 times
* Do the same on the opposite side.

Do these simple thigh exercises regularly and watch as all your flab melts away,
leaving you with strong, well-toned, shapely legs.

While you can follow these tips and lose thigh fat, there are several other things that make up a healthy figure than just the amount of fat on specific parts of your body.

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