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Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Jason Ferruggia’s muscle gaining and bodybuilding program is a popular favorite – but is it really all that it’s made up to be? In this Muscle Gaining Secrets review, we’ll uncover the answer.

Muscle Gaining Secrets review

So you’re looking to build muscle mass and searching for a bodybuilding program, routine or workout that will help.

Let’s say you’re not keen on taking risks with your health with harmful steroids, hormone pills or even some of the edgy muscle building supplements whose ingredients are the stuff of myth and legend.

If you’d prefer to gain muscle the natural way, steadily and reliably, then this Muscle Gaining Secrets review will be interesting to study carefully. Just like you, thousands of fitness enthusiasts have flocked to Jason Ferruggia’s program because it is safe and it is effective. It can help build muscle mass and gain weight. It will do all of this in a good way.

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The Two Pillars of Natural Muscle Gain – Nutrition and Exercise

No matter what else you ignore or shun, there are two critical elements necessary to gain muscle mass – nutrition and exercise.

When you life weights or do exercises and workouts, you put specific muscle groups under stress which provokes them to become stronger and bigger. When you eat the right types of food, your muscles get all the fuel necessary for them to develop, and you gain muscle.

What matters is that you do the right kind of exercise and eat the right kind of food.

If you’re like most other bodybuilders, you’ve tried other systems earlier – and they didn’t work very well. Maybe you believe there’s a ‘secret’ or ‘trick’ to getting it right. Well, let me burst that balloon with a home truth – there is no secret!

The scientific basis for muscle gain and bodybuilding remains anchored in two primary tenets and a few more details about getting them right – and all of this is explicitly and completely explained in Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

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Know The Man, Then His Methods

Jason Ferruggia, Muscle Gaining Secrets review Jason Ferruggia is the mastermind behind the program. He has been an adviser for men’s fitness for many years, teaching students exercises that are designed to build muscles and improve strength. In a 197-page book, he has laid down these exercise routines for anyone to learn and follow.

This Muscle Gaining Secrets review will analyze this special course which teaches a repeatable system to build muscle through improved nutrition and weight lifting. You’re going to learn about the seven anabolic factors that govern muscle gain and four exercise routines that will speed up your weight gain.

So what’s in this course?

  • Workout routines, fully illustrated.
  • Ranges of reps that are ideal for thin or skinny folks.
  • Advise on carbohydrate cycling in diet and burning off fat.

That’s it. No big deal. Just three crucial factors.

But their impact has been dramatic, almost magical, in ‘hard gainers’ who are skinny ectomorphs who try and fail when it comes to gaining muscle. The key lies in adopting a unique strategy that has been tailored EXACTLY for their special needs!

The problem when skinny ectomorphic people try regular, conventional bodybuilding programs is that they only end up hurting themselves for no visible benefit. Some merely end up putting on weight from the extra calories they consume in the process.

Enter Progressive Overload

As a concept, ‘progressive overload’ is not new or revolutionary. As a strategy, it is sensational in the results it delivers.

Understanding it is really easy. You gradually increase the number of times you perform an exercise (e.g. lifting weights) and/or the amount of weight that you lift.

Your typical body building hobbyist barely takes time to chart out a plan. He rushes to the gym and wings it. Picks up the weight he thinks is best. Hefts it about a few times. Does something else. Leaves when he’s tired, and comes back a day or two later to repeat the cycle again.

No wonder it doesn’t work. How could it?!

If you want to put on weight and gain muscle bulk, you need a plan. That’s where progressive overload gains traction. You’ll be following a regime, a schedule, a timetable that’s designed to stress your muscles almost to breaking point – so that they are FORCED to grow and gain strength.

It will happen – because your body knows it has to cope with the next level of difficulty, and can’t manage that unless it grows stronger!

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Cycling – And Why It Matters

Now, if it were merely a question of progressively increasing the load and reps of your workout routine, even a non-strategic bodybuilder with persistence will eventually gain muscle. But Muscle Gaining Secrets teaches another twist which makes the entire program so much more effective. It’s called CYCLING.

Cycling means you give your aching muscles a break by lifting lesser weights or even taking complete breaks in the middle of your workout. Technically known as ‘de-loading’, the practice avoids danger of muscle injury. Over-exerting muscle cells leads to their swelling and death, which results in replacement with scar tissue. Scar is made of fibrous cells which are weak and flabby.

If you consistently over-exercise, a lot of your normal muscle will be replaced by scar tissue – and you may actually grow weaker as you exercise!

Persistence Is The Key

Muscle Gaining Secrets review

Apart from constantly straining muscles to the point where they fail, die and get replaced with scar, the other common cause for failure in body building is giving up too soon. If you exercise, expecting to see dramatic results, and nothing apparently happens, you think this is a waste – and give up.

But that’s a big mistake. Sticking with the program until you see results is crucial. That’s why Muscle Gaining Secrets is structured as a 12 week program that you will not quit. It’s comfortable and convenient. It’s painless and progressive. It’s results-oriented – and you’ll reap rich rewards soon.

The secret behind the impressive results is that you are required to do just the right amount of training.

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This Muscle Gaining Secrets review makes one thing clear. You will be working out regularly. Every group of muscles in your body get stressed two times in a week. The unique thing is that the workouts are rotated so that you’ll do low volume exercises with heavier loads. This is what truly builds muscle.

Aerobic exercise which improves mobility and flexibility won’t help you gain muscle. That takes bench presses, squats and lifts. By rotating them around, you won’t damage any muscle. By working each group twice in a week, you’ll give the muscle time for recovery – and growth.

Eating Right Delivers Fuel

The other important aspect of muscle gain that is covered thoroughly in Muscle Gaining Secrets is how you should load up on calories. Your muscles need protein and energy. Many Muscle Gaining Secrets reviews don’t emphasize the value of this area – but it’s among the special elements that make this program so much better than any other.

Jason Ferruggia will show you what to eat, how much of it is necessary, and even teach you how to consume all the calories your growing muscles require. The idea is to load enough calories into the system for your muscles to use as building blocks to grow.

But Wait, There’s More!

Hope that didn’t sound like a sleazy late night infomercial!

There are surprises all along the way in Muscle Gaining Secrets. You might expect to see cardio exercises detailed in such a program – but no, there’s not a single one.

Another contrarian thing is the concept of sprints for muscle building. Once you understand the rationale behind these exercises, though, you’ll realize why other programs didn’t work for you – and why this one will.

Plus there are bonuses to help you get the most from the program, including:

  • Maximum Mass in Time – a powerful little book
  • Meal plans – a guide to build muscle
  • Quick meals manual – to use as a blueprint
  • Muscle building database – for reference
  • Private access to trainers – so you can ask questions

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Should You Get Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Muscle Gaining Secrets review

Here’s the thing.

This program helps ‘hard gainers’ who have tried other methods – and failed. It’s designed so that skinny men and women who are looking to gain weight and build muscle mass will be able to achieve a ripped, muscular body.

If anything could be called a shortcoming in this course, it’s that everything is explained only in drawings and line diagrams, without video tutorials or even photographs. It might be a challenge to learn about complex lifts just from observing two or three pictures. That’s the only drawback in an otherwise excellent guide.

Judging by what other happy users are saying on the sales page, it is clear that Muscle Gaining Secrets has delivered on its promise. It will help you gain muscle. It teaches you the system in simple, easy to follow style. It has helped many others achieve good results.

That’s why Muscle Gaining Secrets is so highly recommended in many reviews. It’s a very good deal – and for the price at which it is offered, it’s a great offer.

Just look at what you’ll get when you order…

  • #1 – Training Manual
    Explains the secrets to gain muscle and begin your training.
  • #2 – Workout Logs
    Helps keep a record of your progress through the course and schedule your time.
  • #3 – Nutrition Guides
    Includes details of calories required and meals that can provide each.
  • #4 – Recipe Guide
    Handy collection of 10-minute recipes that are easy to prepare.

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