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How To Lose Inner Thigh Fat – A Simple Approach


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Whenever a discussion about how to lose inner thigh fat begins, people get polarized between two camps. One says it’s all about eating right and losing weight. The other says thigh exercises are the secret to losing inner thigh fat.

Both sides are correct. Experts on how to lose inner thigh fat agree that it takes a combination of both strategies for most effectively achieving this rather difficult goal. A fat loss diet combined with thigh toning exercises can help melt away even stubborn belly fat and thigh fat, leaving you with thin, muscular and healthy thighs.

Low-Fat, Low-Calorie

The key principle at work in thigh fat reducing diets is that your body has fewer calories left to store as fat after all the daily metabolic needs are met. You cannot “target” thigh fat alone for reduction. It can only happen as a consequence of overall fat loss.

If you eat high calorie food, especially sugar-rich drinks or carb loaded meals, the surplus energy becomes deposited around your belly and thighs as reserve stores. So a balance between carbohydrates and proteins is important when you want to lose inner thigh fat.

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Avoid Fats, Eat More Protein

Saturated fats must be totally shunned. Palm and coconut oils are the worst culprits. Lard, shortening and butter are bad too. Occasional saturated fat, especially in the form of fish oil or nuts which offer other benefits, is okay.

Lean protein is better than red meat. Chicken and turkey are ideal to lose inner thigh fat. Fresh fish is better than canned tuna or sardines which are often packed in oil. Aim for 15% to 25% of total calories in the form of protein.

Whole Grains Rule

Complex carbs like whole grains require the body to expend energy to digest them. So the glycemic index is lower than processed flour. Fruits and vegetables are also good choices because they provide nutrients and vitamins. 50% to 65% of your total calories should come from complex carbs.

Prefer Low Fat Dairy

Calcium in milk helps bones get stronger and also regulates how your body breaks down fat. Low fat milk, cottage cheese and yoghurt are preferable to full cream milk. Try and give up alcoholic drinks and drink low fat milkshakes or smoothies instead.

Exercises For Inner Thigh Fat Loss

Side and crossover lunges are excellent exercises to lose inner thigh fat. Scissor kicks are also great, and are performed while lying on your back. Specific for inner thigh muscles is the inner thigh squeeze which is done using an exercise ball. Squeezing the ball tightly between your thighs tones up the muscle and helps melt inner thigh fat.

Squat lifts and side lying hip adduction are also useful exercises. Sumo squats tighten the thigh and quadriceps and must be repeated 10 to 20 times per session. Pilates inner thigh leg lifts also burn fat from your inner thigh while tightening up weak muscles.

These are proven and effective methods on how to lose inner thigh fat. If you’ve wasted time on other fads and gimmicks, or risked your health trying out diets, creams and pills, it’s time to stop and get serious about losing thigh fat.

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As long as you mix together a combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise designed to tone your thigh muscles, you will lose inner thigh fat. It’s not an uncertain outcome at all. You cannot help losing fat if you stick to this plan.

But you’ll need to get serious, stick with the program, and even seek guidance from a fitness coach or nutritionist to fix you up with the correct exercise and diet plan. That’s how to lose inner thigh fat effectively, in the shortest time possible.

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