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How To Build Muscle – The Real Value of Diet

How to build muscle? The question vexes many new body builders who thought it was merely a question of doing enough push ups or weight lifting routines to get their muscles bulging and fat burning off. Only later do they realize how important it is to also have good nutrition.

To build muscle, your body requires protein. Before it can build muscle, your body must burn off fat – which means your bodybuilding diet should have less of it, with carbohydrates providing the fuel for your body as you workout. So here are some pointers about how to build muscle.

Eat Well After Exercise

Your post-workout calorie intake determines how quickly you build muscle and lose fat. You should take a protein shake or other protein supplement within an hour after finishing your exercise routine. This provides muscle with the raw material to build tissue. When you also consume a full meal shortly afterwards, you will provide all other nutrients essential for body building.

The combination of calories with protein is one of the most critical elements of your routine. It is just as important as selecting the type of exercises and the number of reps you will perform.

Make Healthy Eating a Habit

Once you identify the kinds of healthy food that you enjoy eating, you’ll be able to stick with the right bodybuilding diet. To arrive at this happy point, you will first have to experiment with various combinations. Study programs or consult guides to know which types of food have the highest protein concentration and less saturated fat. Calculate your desired calorie intake and plan meals to provide all your energy needs.

Next, learn how to measure portions and stock up on all ingredients necessary to cook or prepare the right diet. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants. It is essential that you prepare and plan correctly in order to build muscle. If you’re busy and can’t find time to spare, then it becomes all the more important to take the time for planning, so that you won’t have to come up with new ideas of “what to eat” daily.

Don’t ever forget that nutrition is a crucial part of how to build muscle. If you don’t eat right, it won’t matter how sincerely you exercise – you won’t reach your bodybuilding targets.

Keep Records

Note down what you eat every day. Jotting down details in a diary can serve as a helpful guide when you review the data once a month or so. Note down all that you eat or drink during this period. Serious bodybuilders keep regular logs so that they know they are on track.

When you later review both your exercise log and diet records, you will know when you are gaining weight and building muscle, and can correlate it with the kind of food that works best in adding muscle. You will also identify periods when you slip off the track, and this will help you get back to your healthy eating habits.

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