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Which All-In-One Exercise Equipment To Buy?

Exercise equipment has been getting cheaper.  Increasingly, individuals are turning away from costly gym memberships and investing in a home gym. Whether you choose to completely dedicate a spare room to exercise equipment or stash your fitness tools in a spare corner of your home, your best bet is probably an all in one piece of exercise equipment.

In addition to saving you money by combining several different types of workout accessories into one item, exercise equipment can easily fit into the smallest spaces and take up a great deal less room than their individual counterparts.

When in the market to buy all in one exercise equipment, you should first identify your goals.

  • Why are you looking to exercise?
  • Are you interested in losing weight, becoming healthier, or bulking up on muscle mass?
  • How much time are you looking to devote to exercise on a daily basis?
  • How much space is available for the equipment and how much are you planning to spend on the complete system?

After you have thought about these questions and come up with the answers, you can narrow down the choices provided by your search.

There are many all-in-one exercise equipment systems on the market and are almost constantly advertised on TV, in magazines, and on the World Wide Web. By far, the most popular all-in-one exercise equipment are those geared towards individuals interested in lifting weights. They include workstations that allow you to focus on different parts of your body and perform different weight exercises. They include attachments that allow you space to perform pull ups and an incline for you to work on sit ups, crunches, or other types of exercises.

Two popular models of all-in-one exercise equipment system are the BowFlex and TotalGym brands.

Bowflex Exercise Equipment

The Bowflex uses resistant bows the bend instead of traditional weights that lift. Available to fit a wide variety of budgets and needs, the BowFlex system is widely adaptable and extremely popular. Furthermore, the basic version of the BowFlex system is easily stored in tight spaces and can even be folded to fit underneath a bed. The larger, more expensive version of the BowFlex machine rivals the professional equipment found in gyms around the country, allowing you a quality workout on quality equipment.

TotalGym Exercise Equipment

The TotalGym exercise equipment system is advertised by martial arts legend, Chuck Norris, and supermodel Christie Brinkley. Much less expensive than the BowFlex machine, the TotalGym system uses gravity and resistance instead of traditional weights. Using this system, individuals have the ability to adapt the machine for a wide variety of exercises that will work on different areas of the body.

Body-Solid Exercise Equipment

Body-Solid is a more traditional all-in-one exercise system that combines several different types of components and uses a series of weights lifted in a vertical motion. Just like BowFlex and TotalGym systems, Body-Solid is available for a variety of budgets and spaces.

Instead of dishing out big bucks on a system that you may or may not use, consider purchasing a more basic model and then upgrading as your fitness levels advance. In addition to being easier on your budget, you are less likely to become overwhelmed at the intimidating piece of machinery in your workout room.

Consider single items that combine the movements of several other machines. For example, an elliptical machine is perfect for individuals looking to engage in cardio activities. Elliptical machines are an all-in-one combination of a tread mill, stair stepper, and stationary bicycle.

Individuals especially enjoy an elliptical machine due to its unique movement and the no impact movement, allowing your knees, hips, ankles, and back to thank you at the end of the exercise routine. Nordic Track makes an excellent version of this machine that can fold to fit into the tiniest of storage spaces, making it perfect for individuals short on room.