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Why Home Exercise Equipment Is Better For 24 Hr Fitness Than A Gym Membership

Aiming for 24 hr fitness, everyone buys gym memberships with the best of intentions. You plan to go to the gym and workout several times a week. You plan to take advantage of classes or sessions with personal trainers in your quest for 24 hr fitness. You have every intention of formulating a plan, and sticking to it.

The problem is: the gym is too easy to avoid. And the reasons for avoiding it are just too good.

It’s not just laziness that holds you back from 24 hr fitness. Commute times are getting longer and longer: the last thing you want to do before or after work is spend some more time driving to a gym and fighting for a parking space. That’s assuming you even have the option.  If you have kids to pick up or drop off, or chores to do at home, you may simply not have the time you feel you need to get a good workout at the gym and soon you’re shortchanging your dreams for 24 hr fitness.

This is where the benefits of home exercise equipment really kick in. You can snatch a few minutes here and there on the treadmill while dinner’s cooking. You can watch your kids while you work out. You can watch your own DVD’s in the comfort of air conditioning set to your preference while you use a stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill.  It truly allows you to strive for 24 hr fitness.

You can listen to music you like, set up some aromatherapy that you find inspiring, or do some reading while you exercise. And when you’re done, you can take a shower in the comfort of your own bathroom, with all your favorite shampoos, soaps and towels right there waiting for you.

Most importantly, how many times can you look at a piece of exercise equipment before you run out of excuses? Especially if you’ve committed to a goal of 24 hr fitness.  If you’re thinking, “You have no idea how many”, you might be surprised. Every time you see it, you’re reminded of the benefits 24 hr fitness offers you, and you start thinking of ways to work it into your schedule almost without trying.