14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Review

How to lose weight in a week or two? That’s the question Shaun Hadsall set out to answer through a program called “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss“.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan review
Like most people who are looking to lose weight in a week, you are not really desperate enough to take risks or cut corners to do it. What you want is a safe, easy and effective way to shed extra pounds.

That’s why this will not be a regular 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss review. It will be an answer to your question – and give you enough information to decide.

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Your Rapid Fat Loss Plan

So, how to lose weight in a week? Or two weeks? Or in a month? Whatever your goal or target, you’ll need a fat loss plan. A system for carb cycling that’s based on letting you eat anything you want to – provided you follow an alternating pattern.

It’s called “macro patterning” and was developed by Shaun Hadsall, one of America’s fittest Health and Fitness pros and founder of Get Lean in 12. The rapid fat loss plan breaks down your 14 day cycle into 3 periods:

  • Deplete days
  • Carb baseline days
  • Cheat days

It’s the kind of cycling method that works so well for bodybuilding by alternating periods of exercise with rest phases. Macro patterning is scientific in basis and literally doubles the possibility that you will actually lose weight in a week and burn off stubborn belly fat.

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Following The Rapid Fat Loss Plan

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss guide has 6 sections. Each section is made of a series of action steps. Each step details the things you must do if you are to lose weight rapidly.

The foundation lies in interval sequencing. This involves short bursts of high intensity training. You burn off the highest amount of energy in short but intense spurts of activity and exercise. This is the key to melting off belly fat and leaving lean muscle stronger. A nice side effect is that it kickstarts your metabolism, making your body burn off more calories.

High intensity resistance training is another important tenet of the program designed to help you lose weight in a week. There is a mix of cardio exercises, steady state routines and exercises called threshold depletion. Everything is planned in a way that each muscle group in your body is exercised over the two week period.

This doesn’t mean you’ll spend all day at the gym working out! No, they are short but intense bursts, and so you’ll focus on specific areas – back and chest, shoulder and arms, abs or legs and gluteals in each session. The routines are designed to get rid of arm fat, back fat, lower belly fat and leg fat. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time without success, this sequence of workouts will change that.

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Why Is 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss So Popular?

There are several reasons why Shaun’s program is a big hit with thousands. For one, it’s a safe but effective fat loss guide. The system (which is presented in an easy to follow manner) works just as it promises. And the results are achieved quickly and easily, without too much work or effort.

The secret sauce, though, is that you’re permitting to eat anything you like!

Just imagine. How many fat loss programs let you gobble down whatever you want to eat? Not only does 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss allow it, you’ll also learn how you’ll still lose fat when you do that.

It’s no wonder that users like Colleen (whose dramatic pictures before and after the program you can see on the website) are excited about it. “I lost 11 pounds in just 8 days” says Elia Gardner. And Denise’s husband lose a staggering 69 pounds by following the system.

The offer itself is risk free, with a full money-back guarantee being offered to buyers who don’t think it is useful.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss
The only negative things about the course are that:

a. some of the language is technical, though you quickly understand what they mean and then get used to the usage of the terms

b. a few of the exercise routines require fitness equipment like dumbbells or stability balls, which are available at most gyms

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How Is The 14 Day Fat Loss Plan Structured?

The blueprint of your fat loss program is outlined in a primary manual. This can be downloaded as a PDF document from the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss website. (You’ll also get, as a bonus, a recipe collection of fat burning desserts – for guiltless indulgence!)

The components of the plan include:

  • Strategy exercise and training guide for rapid fat loss
  • How to lose weight fast – tips and tricks
  • Macro-Patterning: An introduction to fat burning foods
  • Long lasting fat loss techniques
  • Rapid fat loss tactics (unusual, even weird)

If you want to know how to lose weight in a week, you can go through these guides, follow the plan, and see results in an amazingly short time. There are a couple of extra gifts thrown in to the package, like a collection of fat burning recipes and a set of unusual ways to get rid of belly fat).

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Should You Get The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan?

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan review
Shaun Hadsall has put together an effective plan for fat loss. If you’re asking how to lose weight in a week or two, then the answer is right there in the course. You’ll get a safe, effective, scientifically proven system that is based on tested principles of fat loss.

This is a sequential and simple program that melts away body fat. It is simple and safe. All it takes is some discipline and focus to make it work. That’s a fair exchange for enjoying rapid fat loss and to lose weight in a week or two.

Losing weight is not easy. But rapid fat loss is not impossible. In fact, with a system like this, it can be safe and effective, too. Learning about macro-patterning and the cyclical nature of calorie burning has convinced you that it’s worth learning more about the 14 Day Fat Loss Plan. You can do it here, at the official website.

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